PICK OF THE DAY: AUDIO & VIDEO: @RoyKinsey FT Peter Frank – “Please Come Home”

Ok so i got this link to an amazing song, and it was direct from the Artist himself so i feel privilege to Blog and share this Artist for the LGBTUDRGRD Family, when i say he is AMAZING i am not exaggerating, he kinda got that Black Thought vibe about him..so you know this is going to be dope right, check out Roy Kinsey’s flow, delivery and words.

Also This Track features a soulful chorus by American idol top 10 finalist Peter Frank.

You heard of Roy (Royal) Kinsey Here at the #LGBTUDRGRD FIRST.

Why not check Out Roy Kinsey “Rhymin” Video:

Check out the visuals from Chicago hip hop artist, Roy Kinsey (RoyAL) for his newest single, “Rhyming”. A track from his latest EP R.O.Y. (Rookie of the Year) dropping summer 2012.

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