@BetweenwomenTV – “Episode 11” ** (The Finale) Teaser

Make sure you don’t miss Episode 11 (The Finale) of the hot new series Between Women!
May 29th @ 9pm EST only on http://www.BetweenWomenTV.com

Recap special May 22nd 9pm EST

2 thoughts on “@BetweenwomenTV – “Episode 11” ** (The Finale) Teaser

  1. I found yall on the computer and I feel in love with it the night I found it I watch 1-10 then go to bed until bout 2:45am. I was deep in it keep up the good work I so ready for 11 wooohooo….

  2. yesss im so ready to see ep11,i wasent able to watch it on the 29th and im trying to find it on youtube and all i keep running into is the teaser yall r great!!!!!!!! love you all and the episodes i would like to know how can i see ep11 let me know i will buy it if i need to …..

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