@BetweenwomenTV – “Episode 11″ ** (The Finale) Teaser

Make sure you don’t miss Episode 11 (The Finale) of the hot new series Between Women!
May 29th @ 9pm EST only on http://www.BetweenWomenTV.com

Recap special May 22nd 9pm EST

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2 comments on “@BetweenwomenTV – “Episode 11″ ** (The Finale) Teaser

  1. Jowannis
    May 30, 2012

    I found yall on the computer and I feel in love with it the night I found it I watch 1-10 then go to bed until bout 2:45am. I was deep in it keep up the good work I so ready for 11 wooohooo….

  2. toya smith......
    May 31, 2012

    yesss im so ready to see ep11,i wasent able to watch it on the 29th and im trying to find it on youtube and all i keep running into is the teaser yall r great!!!!!!!! love you all and the episodes i would like to know how can i see ep11 let me know i will buy it if i need to …..

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